SCQF Level 4
Access and Continuing Education

Course Overview

Roots is a unique 16-week programme exploring the environment and conservation sector designed for young people. During the Roots course you will take part in practical work on current conservation areas across Edinburgh and the Lothians. Working alongside professionals in the field, you will also learn about health and safety, policies and best practice to progress in your career in this industry. 

What You Will Learn

You will be working towards SQA Units in: 

  • Path Building and Maintenance 
  • Crop Production 
  • Soft Landscaping 
  • Tree Planting 
  • Establishing and Managing Habitats 
  • Introduction to Health and Safety 
  • Fence Building 
  • Investigation and Employability Skills for Land-Based Industries 

Placement Information

There will be ongoing opportunities for work experience in conservation and land-based industries including:  

  • Path Building and Maintenance 
  • Maintain and Repair Structures 
  • Tree Planting 
  • Establish and Manage Habitats 


Entry Requirements

  • There are no formal entry requirements 

English Proficiency Requirements
  • IELTS 5.5
How the course is assessed
  • You will be continually assessed through a range of practical activities.

Information on Test/Auditions/Interview Requirements

  • You will be invited to attend an informal meeting to assess if this is the correct course for you.

Progression And Articulation Routes
  • Further study at Edinburgh College 

Career Opportunities

  • Entry-level employment 

Number Of Days Per Week
  • 2 days per week
Course Cost And Funding Options
Fee: £375 Milton Road part-time (year 1)
Student Stories

Sam applied for the Roots course after leaving school. He had a negative experience of education, so was not sure about going to college. Hearing about Roots and the focus on practical skills, Sam decided to enrol. He excelled on the course. He grew in confidence in his many skills and abilities and realised that his additional support needs did not need to hold him back. He actually enjoyed learning for the first time. Sam wanted to progress in a career in the Rural industry, so through Roots he got a placement with a local farm.  The business were so impressed by Sam’s knowledge and skills, they offered him an apprenticeship.

Jack applied to the Roots course after a year out of school. Jack had a negative experience of learning and did not feel he was capable of achieving qualifications. However, he was bored and knew that he needed to do something to progress. When he heard about the Roots course he thought that this was something he would enjoy as it is very practical and he enjoys being outdoors. Jack completed the course with 100% attendance and achieved the Rural Skills Level 4 qualification. He grew in confidence in his abilities and knew he wanted to pursue a career in the land based industry. Due to his hard working ethic and determination, Jack went on to start an apprenticeship with Dunedin Canmore Housing Association. Many of the skills he learnt on the course and went into the position with confidence in his ability to do the job.

Start Date and Time

Part Time

This course will start on…
  • Monday 31/08/2020
  • Thursday 25/02/2021
End Date

Part Time

This course will end on...
  • Friday 18/12/2020
  • Friday 11/06/2021
Course Delivery
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Courses may be subject to alteration or cancellation

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