SCQF Level 6
Art and Design

Course Overview

Architecture and Interior Design are emerging and growing industries. This NC will allow you to explore and experiment with the creative possibilities in the spaces, rooms and buildings that we surround ourselves within our day-to-day existence; and bring them to life.

You will be given an insight into innovative industry practices such as; exploring media handling, sustainable design and building regulations. Techniques will be practiced in Edinburgh College school of art studios. Here you will learn hands-on experience that will prepare you for further study. Through this technically challenging course you will develop your critical thinking, reflection and evaluation skills through a range of learning, teaching and assessments. This course encourages flexible and cooperative learning with others providing a unique working experience. Edinburgh College school of art pride themselves on exhibiting the exceptional work created by students throughout the year. 

What You Will Learn
  • We aim to provide candidates with opportunities to develop an awareness of how the subject specialisms Interior Design and Architecture can be successfully integrated to meet the requirement of changing industry requirements.
  • You will develop specialist skills through a range of motivational learning, teaching and assessment styles to achieve your full potential by developing a positive attitude to your own learning; encouraging flexibility and working cooperatively with others and providing a unique holistic learning experience within specialist studios.

Entry Requirements
  • Four National 5’s or UAL Level 2 or equivalent 
  • All applicants must submit a portfolio that demonstrates sound drawing skills and an understanding of the creative process in sketchbooks and larger scale imagery
  • A good general understanding of the creative process from either school, college or previous study and experience
English Proficiency Requirements
  • IELTS 5.5
How the course is assessed
  • This is a practical studio-based course assessed by portfolio submission throughout the year

Information on Test/Auditions/Interview Requirements
  • Acceptance into this course is based mainly on interview and portfolio submission
  • You will be invited to attend an interview where you will be asked about your knowledge and interest in architecture and interior design

Information on portfolio submission:

  • You should include a variety of work that shows creative potential and imagination as well as sound drawing skills 
  • Strong portfolios usually include sketchbooks showing visual research and development using a wide variety of media and approaches
  • Portfolios could include loose drawings, prints, paintings, design work or photographs, drop mounted on A1 white cartridge paper
  • 3D or larger scale work can either be photographed and drop mounted on A1 white cartridge or, if a suitable scale, brought to interview
  • We encourage candidates to include historical and contextual references in the form of notebooks and formal essays
  • Please ensure all bookwork and essays are clearly labelled with your name and contact details
  • Candidates should present their work in a suitable A1 portfolio case clearly labelled with their name and address on the outside
  • Please do not submit work rolled up

Candidates without a portfolio should undertake the tasks below and bring the drawings to your interview. 

Drawing Project Research and Investigation: Consider a variety of different objects.

  • Natural form e.g. shells, plants (botanic gardens) fruits and vegetables 
  • Man-made e.g. kitchen utensils, musical instruments, shoes/boots, clothing.  

Please pick one of the themes above. Your research should be a record of primary source material (drawing from the actual object(s)). The aim is to make a variety of drawings on the same theme using different kinds of drawing materials.

  • Pencil 
  • Pen 
  • Charcoal 
  • Crayon/pastel

You will try to recreate in as realistic a way as possible the same form, structure, texture and colour of the object(s) using line tone and colour (where relevant). You should complete a minimum of six drawings.

Progression And Articulation Routes
  • HNC/D Architecture or Interior Design courses
  • University level of study in Architecture and Interior Design

Download our progression route map here
Career Opportunities
  • Careers in architecture or interior design

Number Of Days Per Week
  • 3 days per week 
Course Cost And Funding Options
Course Delivery
GRANTON x x x x x
MIDLOTHIAN x x x x x
MILTON RD x x x x x
SIGHTHILL x x x x x
OUTREACH x x x x x

Courses may be subject to alteration or cancellation

Why is creativity important to employers
Graduate Book 2020

Our Graduate Book celebrates the achievements of our HND Art and Design students.  All eight of the HNDs in Art and Design are included and these cover a wide range of specialist subjects that can be studied at Higher Education level at Edinburgh College.

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