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Course Overview
Biology Higher is a part-time course designed to deepen your understanding of subjects such as Evolution and Adaptation; Structure and Function; Genotype and Niche as well as topics ranging from molecular to whole organisms and beyond. These subjects will allow you to progress towards a career in the science and biology industry or onto further study. 

Biology is the study of living organisms and aims to find solutions for many of the world’s problems. Biology plays a crucial role in our everyday existence and due to advances in technologies this varied subject is now more exciting and relevant than ever. 

Higher qualifications, accredited by the SQA, are typically studied at high school and college. These qualifications act as pathways to further study including university entry. Edinburgh College offers a selection of subjects at a Higher and Advanced Higher level on a part-time basis. You may choose to study up to two subjects. These courses are challenging and require the ability to study independently. 

Day-classes will be taught at Edinburgh College’s Sighthill campus twice a week for two-hours. Evening classes can be held at Edinburgh College or at an outreach location within the community once a week for three-hours.  

What You Will Learn
Biology: DNA and the Genome: 
  • The Key Areas and Structure of DNA 
  • Replication of DNA 
  • Control of Gene Expression 
  • Cellular Differentiation 
  • The Structure of the Genome 
  • Mutations 
  • Evolution 
  • Genomic Sequencing 

Biology: Metabolism and Survival: 
  • Investigating the central metabolic pathways of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis by respiration and how control of the pathways is essential for cell survival 

Biology: Sustainability and Interdependence: 
  • Investigating how humans depend on sufficient and sustainable food production from a narrow range of crop and livestock species focusing on photosynthesis in plants 
  • Food Supply Plant Growth and Productivity 
  • Plant and Animal Breeding 
  • Crop Protection 
  • Animal Welfare 
  • Symbiosis 
  • Social Behaviour 
  • Mass Extinction 
  • Biodiversity 
Entry Requirements
    • National 5 at A/B in Biology (or equivalent)  
    • National 5 at A/B in Mathematics (or equivalent) 
    • National 5 at A/B in English is recommended but not mandatory (or equivalent) 
    • Applicants should clearly identify the reason they chose to study Higher Biology in their course application 
English Proficiency Requirements
  • IELTS 6.0
How the course is assessed
  • You must complete a question paper in exam conditions 
  • You must complete an assignment that will demonstrate the breadth of skills, knowledge and understanding learnt from the subjects taught during this course 
Progression And Articulation Routes
  • This course can lead to further study at a university level 
  • This course can progress to further study at HNC/D level 
Career Opportunities
Careers in the field of: 

  • Biological and biomedical sciences 
  • Science health food 
  • Agriculture nursing 
Number Of Days Per Week
  • Day class – 4 hours per week across 2 days 

Course Cost And Funding Options
Course Delivery
GRANTON x x x x x
MIDLOTHIAN x x x x x
MILTON RD x x x x x
SIGHTHILL x x x x x
OUTREACH x x x x x

Courses may be subject to alteration or cancellation

Higher and National 5 Timetable
Applying for Higher and National 5s

Online applications for Advanced Higher/Higher/National 5 courses will open online on 4 August (SQA Exam Results Day). All applicants who meet the entry requirements following exam results will be guaranteed a place. 

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To apply please download an SCP application form and contact your guidance teacher who will support you through your application.

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